i draw a lot of stuffs now but i can’t show it yet so i quickly sketched cass so i can post it ;n; bye


oc’s (´⌣`ʃƪ)



i play video games and when i’m not playing video games i watch other people play video games and when i’m not doing either of those things i’m listening to video game soundtracks and thinking about video games

and when i’m not doing that, i’m making video games

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more painting practice… cries..

this is mine and plythorique’s character Pilou, the one and only protagonist for our comic!

the story of my life is choosing to color a sketch in a way that doesn’t fit the type of lineart and then spend too much time trying to save the situation, instead of redoing one of them.


ok listen up: 
this is how it’s gonna be.

all i ever wanted was to romance cassandra and vivienne with a female inquisitor, or at least solas with a male inquisitor…….. it was literally all my hopes and dreams for this game…..

Anonymous asked: From a horse person, I think your horse looks great. Also, you even got the hands holding the reins correctly! That's something I always kind of look at ;)


combination-nc replied to your post: ahhh i get so restless when i do a big…

I SEE HORSE THERE IS HORSE I LOVE HORSE (pannan ser lite platt ut? om området ovanför ögonen gick upp högre skulle det se mer naturligt ut, och i den där vinkeln brukar kinden synas lite. hoppas hästtips är okej! jag skulpterar dom så HÄSTHÄSTHÄST)

yaaay horse feedback!! thank you both for this, you’ve given me new strength to continue working on this drawing :D feedback is always welcome, especially on things i’m not very good at!


xelestial replied to your post: ahhh i get so restless when i do a big…

There is something hilarious about the possibility of repressed poorly drawn horse memories

what’s even more hilarious is that after i posted it i did remember such a drawing… and no, we will not talk about that.

some much needed portrait practice with me and plythorique’s character Yana. i’m so deeply in love with her

ahhh i get so restless when i do a bigger piece and i can’t finish it on the same day i started it… 

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bofur and fili! ahh i’ve missed drawing dwarves..! i hope you like it c:

dorianpavusart asked: Why did you delete all your beautiful DA works?

i haven’t though? dragon age is by far the tag with most art in it on my blog, and i’ve left most of it intact.

that said, i’m sure i’ve deleted a couple of sketches, because the tag goes back 2,5 years in time and, well…..

i don’t actively go through my blog to delete old art, but if i stumble across something and i shudder when i look at it, i might delete it. while it’s fun to see how much i’ve progressed, i feel embarrased about having art on my blog that’s representing my skill level from almost 3 years ago….. this goes for all fandoms of course.

(the pieces that still generates notes i will not delete, but a super old crappy sketch with one or two notes… might go some day.)

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solas in his furs… yes, basically. yes yes yessss