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kaaaaaaaaaaath → I'm so glad people on this site like you are enjoying the Musketeers, I've loved it for weeks, but no one had watched it!

ahh yes, i finished it a couple weeks ago and i love it ;u; and i’m so happy people like my musketeers art because it’s really fun drawing them! and i’m just, ah!! i need season 2! now!

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sketches from this week! and everyone is happy! just how i like them.

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you like cute robots? then we’re making the game for you!!

oh my god i just think they’re so damn cute
(models by madamnox, textures by me)

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but why does unity use the alpha channel for transparency AND specularity.


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arise, arise, riders of northpointquests shall be broken, progress be blockedride now, ride now!ride for maintenance, and the quest’s fix…

arise, arise, riders of northpoint
quests shall be broken, progress be blocked
ride now, ride now!
ride for maintenance, and the quest’s fix…

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oh i haven’t seen this show… but now i want to, god, this is /gorgeous/ ;;

you should!! everyone should!!!!! i’m so attracted to this show i can’t believe it’s real!! 

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howard charles as porthos from the musketeers… i’m so happy that’s a thing that exists!! (´▽`ʃƪ) 

some super indulgent fanart, i messed up the likeness but oh well. it took a few hours to draw but i worked on it on and off for about a week, squeezed in on breaks between work. (kinda lost focus towards the end)

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tileable textures more like welcome to hell

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going from a couple hours long lectures one or twice a week to 9 - 18 workdays everyday… isn’t as easy as i’d like

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Very pretty! Fully modelled, or using something like xbrush for the detailing?

(i assume you mean zbrush)
it’s all 3ds max and photoshop, i modelled a high poly mesh in max and then baked normal maps from it… added a few details on the nrm in photoshop (like the tiny swirls) and put it on the low poly model. the low poly is 380 tris and the high poly was about 170’000 tris, wooh!

gosh it was so much trouble though because suddenly i couldn’t import any .fbx to UDK… what a mess x__x

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…except if i fail the assignment and have to redo something.. oh well

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So you missed the boat as well?

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Anonymous → am i still a "real" fan of a video game if i don't play it myself, but only watch walkthroughs? i know this sounds extremely dumb but i just SUCK at playing any kind of game, but since i'm a child i've loved watching other people play! kind of like watching a movie. idk :s

HELL YES you are and it’s not dumb at all!! it’s like saying that if i can’t play clarinet, i’m not allowed to be a fan of clarinet music… and THAT is dumb. I personally love horror games for example, but i don’t play them myself because i’m a chicken and get too scared, but i watch walkthroughs and let’s plays of the horror games i like, so i can enjoy them anyway! and that’s ok! as far as i’m concerned, there’s no “wrong” way to enjoy a medium, people are different and enjoy things differently.

if you love a video game, then you’re a fan of that video game! and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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struggling with an injury - story and advice!


Hey everyone! In some previous blog posts, I mentioned that I’m struggling with an injury to my drawing arm. Although I hoped that the problem would have totally gone away after more than a month of rest, it actually hasn’t, and I’m still struggling with it at this very moment. It’s actually been harder emotionally than it has physically. I’ve decided to go ahead and write a blog entry about it, not only to keep my followers in the loop but also as a cautionary tale to any artists out there who have not yet sustained an injury. If I had been more aware of the risks, maybe this would never have happened to me, so the very least I can do is try to help those who aren’t aware of the risks.

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i relate so much to this, both physically and mentally.. my story is very similar. i never learned to slow down or take breaks when drawing, and that gave me a very nasty tennis elbow. take care of your health, my fellow artists!

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rufina72 reblogged your post in the end i only finished the enviros… and added:

Is that DayZ ? :D

yeees it is! sortof. the second one is reffed from a screenshot and the first one is reffed from some midterranian beach that i turned into dayz. i was gonna draw my character too but it didn’t turn out so well… maybe later.

i thought this game wouldn’t be my cup of tea (and it sill kinda isn’t? i hate permadeath orz) but i love the environments and the tension is great.

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