Im having so much fun in the pre-sequel right now


Anonymous asked: Captain Treville could be an ex-templar who's sympathetic towards mages and Cardinal Richelieu is a chantry father dedicated to hunting down apostates and that's one of the major reasons they butt heads so much. Maybe he even harbors people suspected of being mages and teaches them how to fight with swords and shields rather than magic

i’ve nothing to add, i’m just leaning back and enjoying this *__*

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diebeskunst asked: sdkfns okay so me again so I thought more of the Crossover. And was thinking.. Constance as a Circle Mage.. who is thanks to d'Artagnan and the Musketeers pulled out of her boring life at the circle, and even learns to fight with the blade from d'Artagnan, making her an arcane warrior BD . But the unrest between Mages and the rest of the world lead to her needing to chose and out of worry for d'Artagnan she chooses the circle and with that staying away from him. Dragon Age: Musketeers ksjdfn

ooh yea that could work! i’m liking this crossover a lot *__*

diebeskunst asked: You share both of my biggest fandoms jshdfb BBC Musketeers and Dragon Age! Whichmakesmesohappyidky... what classes do you think would the Musketers and other characters have in the DA world? Porthos would be a Warrior in my eyes.. or a rogue.. he has the rogue personality but the warrior fighting style jshdfb? and Lady de Winter a Mage.. d'artagnan a rogue? Ijustliketalkingaboutmyfandomsandthinkingaboutcrossoversyoumayignorethis//weeps


yes i think i definitely see porthos as a warrior! he’d be a perfect tank, just going in and mauling everyone! (with a two-handed sword!) but his specialization would be champion, because he’s all about protecting his friends and allies (´⌣`ʃƪ) 

and yes, d’artagnan as a rogue, a dual-weilding duelist rogue!! just think about it, it’s perfect ahh! and for some reason i see aramis as a ranger rogue, maybe not with a bow but a long range rifle instead. idk it just feels right to me.. and i agree with lady de winter as a mage, i think athos could be mage too tbh. his specialization would be something angsty. it would make sense if constance were rogue too since d’artagnan teaches her, but i can see her as a shield and sword warrior as well (not only because i think it would be super rad ehe)

i’m rewarding my hard work in practicing environments by doing some good old musketeers fanart.. some people are just blessed with such good faces, aren’t they. but anyway i hope you like it!


i have a long way to go but at least i don’t fear painting environments anymore! i’m still trying to figure out what technique i prefer… practice practice. anyway so here’s a swedish landscape.

Anonymous asked: OMG i love how u draw fenris!

dragon age fandom, aka the fandom that keeps digging up my super old fanart making me embarrassed *__*

but thanks nonetheless! i enjoy drawing him.

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doctormagikarp said: omg is this to avoid spoilers or because you dislike it?

avoiding spoilers *__* dragon age is one of my biggest fandoms and im so fucken excited about playing inquisition but i want my first playthrough to be my first experience, ya feel me

that’s it then, im blacklisting #dragon age, just so you knowww

vector portrait for class. i chose lucy liu because why wouldn’t i.. (´⌣`ʃƪ)
could’ve worked more on it but… mah


if you follow me on tumblr and like my posts a lot i probably have fondly memorized your username and consider you a pal

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here’s another character from mine and plythorique’s comic! i love drawing his face because it’s easy for me, ehe. slightly concerned i made him a bit too handsome though.

and then, i couldn’t unsee it as a portrait this popular actor would sign…

another matte… i had no guidelines for this so i’m not as pleased, but i’m still figuring things out.