i don’t particularly mind that da:i is delayed, but i mind that it’s even closer to the last hobbit movie premiere now… there’s gonna be some serious explotions of emotions on this blog…

ooooh what material is this? what are you planning to make it look like? (sorry, art noob here)

it’s a wire armature, stuffed with tinfoil and some additional thinner wire over it, and then it’s super sculpey, which is a great and firm clay that is really nice to work with. 

and if it’s not evident yet, it’s a simple standing pose of a woman. we have a model in class for reference (she stands on the black platform thingy in the back of the pictures)

anyway this is what i did today, (i think that’s 4-5 hours) and we have another three days to go! thanks for asking :)

this week is sculpture week! i haven’t been sculpting since high school so we’ll see how it goes i guess. but dang, it’s fun!

practicing drawing an original character for the comic…

grumpy solas

not sure i’ll finish this but on the other hand…. it’s dorian….

#wip  #fanart  

khaleesi-underthemountain asked: Name two things you like about yourself and then pass it on to the first 10 people on your dash. #TeamSelfEsteem

hmmm…. i like my ability to draw likeness! and… that i can make people laugh with my silly puns c:


a couple of fashioin concepts i did a while back for the comic project. loved doing these and a couple of these outfits belong to main characters!

uastis replied to your post:Webhallen iste.
Well it is? Because you found out you can buy it. \O/

haha damn… you’re right! :D


garrianvakarian asked: Webhallen is pretty great for preorders, it's a lot cheaper then for example gamestop and the customer service there is usually better imo (and they usually actually know their shit). Their shops are scattered around Sweden, but you can check out where they're located on their website.

yea i usually buy stuff from webhallen, but they didn’t have inquisitor’s edition so that’s why i was wondering :)

 replied to your post:uastis replied to your post:hhhh so much new…

Well…..it is the special Gamestop edition. @_@ XD

i knew it was gamestop, but i completely blocked out that there’s gamestop in sweden… which is funny since i used to hang out in the gamestop store in my hometown in junior high… XD oh well.. today is not my day it seems heh

For the PC it seems impossible (consoles Gamestop UK). I asked a friend to purchase one for me and send it to me.

oh god… gamestop is in sweden too! never mind all that then hahahah, congratulations ylva, you reached a new level of stupidity!


hhhh so much new dragon age info these past days i can barely stop myself from hyperventilating! but i’m wondering, does anyone know where/when/if you can order the inquisitor’s edition in europe? maybe i missed something but i can’t seem to find any info…

This week’s model is built like a Roman statue istg

dicktair asked: i'm only finding out now you like In the Flesh like wow. I'm really happy other people watch it! <3

you’re not so late, i first binge-watched the whole show just over a week ago ehe… it’s amazing, i love it so much! might draw some more of it in the future c:


i made an instagram to post stuff from my sketch books and life drawing classes! (it’s basically just me twiddling my thumbs putting some stuff up that aren’t important enough to put elsewhere)