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actually i do feel like doing more musketeer fanarts, but i’m freshly out of ideas… maybe if anyone have any musketeer requests i could consider drawing? reply to this or send an ask in that case c:

it’s kind of a tradition for me now, to draw one sketch in the morning before the scrum meeting, or one on the lunch break. ooor, maybe i could do a livestream this weekend, hm..

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adorablyunhinged → That Porthos and Aramis drawing is gorgeous! I love them so much! I love your artwork, found you when you first were doing The Hobbit fan art and it's all so gorgeous ^^

aah thank you so much, i’m really happy to hear that!! 

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fugitivus replied to your post: well… i had to draw some more musketee…



Spader why ur sketch so perffff *paws at Porthos <3*

i’m crying a lot because you are an art hero (T∇T)

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well… i had to draw some more musketeers , so here’s another sketch!

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Anonymous → If you're on Instagram, why not say "thank you" and slyly post a link to your art in the comments on that beautiful Porthos piece? ;-)

i don’t have instagram… but i shamelessly asked my friend, who does, to do that so it’s there now ahh!! i’m so embarrassed and shy because i never thought he’d see any of it..! but if he liked my drawings then maybe it’s a motivation to draw some more c”’:

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Anonymous → Howard Charles reblogged/ instagrammed some of your art ^.^ Thought you'd like to know


oh my god

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oc’s (´⌣`ʃƪ)

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a plus-side to being my friend is that you can come to my house in your pajamas and i will not judge you because i will also be in my pajamas

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Anonymous → well your fan art of Porthos makes me wanna do ...unspeakable things

me too, anon… me too

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Anonymous → omg i looooove your musketeers fanart, and i also loooove porthos moar moar i love you

aaaa thank youuu!<3

tbh i had no idea i was gonna be active in this fandom, and as usual when i arrive in a new fandom i have no idea about how big it is or what’s happening so i’ll just do my thing and then get surprised and overly excited that people find and like my stuff!! ◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

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my favorite musketeer is porthos!

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kaaaaaaaaaaath → I'm so glad people on this site like you are enjoying the Musketeers, I've loved it for weeks, but no one had watched it!

ahh yes, i finished it a couple weeks ago and i love it ;u; and i’m so happy people like my musketeers art because it’s really fun drawing them! and i’m just, ah!! i need season 2! now!

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sketches from this week! and everyone is happy! just how i like them.

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you like cute robots? then we’re making the game for you!!

oh my god i just think they’re so damn cute
(models by madamnox, textures by me)

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