Well, I got my amazing super new and shiny computer today. And in it lives a smashing 3TB hard drive…… Please stop me from installing every game I’ve ever owned ever.

ahh i feel a bit out of it, but here’s a porthos to try and get back in again! can’t wait for s2…

1. it is! thank you so much c:

2. THANK you shimmy! that makes me so happy<3

3. wow thank YOU! so happy to hear that c”’:

4. thanks a lot :D

also a big thank you to everyone who wrote birthday wishes on my birthday post! i’m so happy i have such sweet followers<3



Today is Ylva’s birthday! I have written long embarrassing feelingsposts for her birthday for two years now, which makes it tradition. It’s the one day in the year I can tell her in words how much i love and treasure her. Look, we’re Swedish. That’s not how it WORKS usually do you know how weird that would be? It would be so weird. 

What happens in English stays in English, though, so: 


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defira85 asked: Ahhh Ylva, happy birthday you wonderful woman! I hope your day is full of cake and love and presents and joy and music xoxoxo

thank you so much!!<3 i’m definitely planning on eating myself to death tonight!


happy birthday to me!!

zombie boy ahhhh idk

i don’t particularly mind that da:i is delayed, but i mind that it’s even closer to the last hobbit movie premiere now… there’s gonna be some serious explotions of emotions on this blog…

ooooh what material is this? what are you planning to make it look like? (sorry, art noob here)

it’s a wire armature, stuffed with tinfoil and some additional thinner wire over it, and then it’s super sculpey, which is a great and firm clay that is really nice to work with. 

and if it’s not evident yet, it’s a simple standing pose of a woman. we have a model in class for reference (she stands on the black platform thingy in the back of the pictures)

anyway this is what i did today, (i think that’s 4-5 hours) and we have another three days to go! thanks for asking :)

this week is sculpture week! i haven’t been sculpting since high school so we’ll see how it goes i guess. but dang, it’s fun!

practicing drawing an original character for the comic…

grumpy solas

not sure i’ll finish this but on the other hand…. it’s dorian….

#wip  #fanart  

khaleesi-underthemountain asked: Name two things you like about yourself and then pass it on to the first 10 people on your dash. #TeamSelfEsteem

hmmm…. i like my ability to draw likeness! and… that i can make people laugh with my silly puns c:


a couple of fashioin concepts i did a while back for the comic project. loved doing these and a couple of these outfits belong to main characters!