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two thumbs way up for badass user icon, a+

hell to the yeah

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:O why didn’t you use the call from before! i wanna join yo

then we shall hook you up next time (ノ゚▽゚)ノ

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you don’t want to mess with us (⊙…⊙ )

you don’t want to mess with us (⊙…⊙ )

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my other oc asad! friends with nasir. haven’t drawn him for a looong time!

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caristia replied to your post: i’m struggling to find a paint style t…

just saying i was scrolling but then i thought ‘mh’ and scrolled back and then i wanted to scroll on but i didn’t get far because i couldn’t stop looking at it it’S MESMERIZING okay i love the style and how it’s painted and the quality of thecolours

THANK YOU SO MUCH you have no idea how happy that made me ;;u;;

i’m struggling to find a paint style that suits me but i’ve maaayyybe found something i can work with now

here’s my oc nasir.

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thelittle-hobbit → Oh gosh Durins in suits *.* They look so gorgeous <3

 a lot!

i regret i didn’t spend more time on them now..

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braidedribbon → The suits are fabulous and making my day. Thank you!

thanks and you’re welcome!<3

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werecakes → Thorin in a suit, I-I can't! It just so perfect!! Thank you for making it and sharing!


thank you and you’re welcome!!<3

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ladylunadurinsdaughter → Oh thank you thank you thank you for doing a Thorin in suit drawing! This is amazing and beautiful and sexy! This goes so very beautifully with my current WIP AU fic!! May I reference to this beautiful piece of art as an inspiration in my latest chapter on AO3?

oh my goodness, thanks so much!! and yes sure, go ahead! c’:

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thorin in a suit… which i suppose was bound to happen some day. 

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yes. that’s all i have to say. YES

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