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OMGSH I WANT THIS. This looks amazing!! Is there any way I can buy a copy somewhere? My heart might shatter if I cannot… D:

unfortunately it was pre-order only c’: i blogged about it while i was drawing it, but it was many months ago now. (but if you live in singapore it will be sold on a convention in september)

oh also, a while back i recieved a copy of the hobbit fanbook i did a comic for! i love the design of the book and it’s always fun to have something of yours in print. there’s a lot of cute stories by talented people in there c:

i completely forgot that i made a process gif of this picture.

ahh so many mistakes, but it might be interesting to see anyway!

Anonymous asked: Your art is so awesome!♥

thank you!!

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Anonymous asked: Do u have advises for artists who are bad at drawing anatomy? Maybe some tipps how young artists could improve?

yes i do: draw.

study how bodies look and then draw them. my art teacher says we have 10 000 bad drawings in us before we start making something that looks good, and there’s a truth in that. draw a LOT and don’t give up.


some sketches from last week in life drawing class… this class is golden and our teacher is the absolute best!

the top is 4min and bottom is 8min

i drew a wild card…… heh… get it…

tristhavfrue asked: Hej! Jag tycker mycket om din konst! Jag beundrar att du kan rita med tablet så väl! Och jag kan se du studerar i Visby, vad kul! Jag skulle vilja åka dit någon gång. :) OCH DU GILLAR DRAGON AGE! MASS EFFECT! OCH LOTR! Okej, jag ville bara säga att din blog är fantastisk och du är en jättebra artist. ^^

ahhhh tack så mycket!! c”: du verkar ju ha väldigt bra smak iaf haha!’

two of the main characters from the comic i’m gonna make with a friend! i’m trying to figure out how to properly draw them…….. help…

anyway it’s been a million years since i posted art so i’m uploading this anyway. i’m taking a life drawing class during summer so i’m sketching shit tons of stuff but most of it isn’t worth uploading, so that’s why i’ve been quiet i guess c:


Some tweets calling Ubisoft out on their bullshit.

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Sooooo many dragon age feeeeels (åhå min sambo e i level design teamet på the division! :3 så konstigt att se folk snacka om de heh)

ahhh fan va nice, det ser så sjukt awesome ut :D vi satt och snacka om just level designen igår också när vi kollade, efter att ha slitit med det själva haha!

i’m looking forward to a lot of new games that were presented but mostly i’m excited about dragon age inquisition and the devision!!!! dlksgjh!! i’m gonna buy a new computer this summer

oh!! guess what!

i’m gonna do a webcomic with a friend (ノ゚▽゚)ノ

i have a post mortem to write, but after that my 2nd year at university is over. that went waaay too fast… can my 3rd year please go a bit slower? i don’t think i’ll be ready for it to end

I did…. I screamed and they laughed :(

maybe i’ll just go play the crocodile game again instead…………..