not sure i’ll finish this but on the other hand…. it’s dorian….

#wip  #fanart  

khaleesi-underthemountain asked: Name two things you like about yourself and then pass it on to the first 10 people on your dash. #TeamSelfEsteem

hmmm…. i like my ability to draw likeness! and… that i can make people laugh with my silly puns c:


a couple of fashioin concepts i did a while back for the comic project. loved doing these and a couple of these outfits belong to main characters!

dicktair asked: i'm only finding out now you like In the Flesh like wow. I'm really happy other people watch it! <3

you’re not so late, i first binge-watched the whole show just over a week ago ehe… it’s amazing, i love it so much! might draw some more of it in the future c:


i made an instagram to post stuff from my sketch books and life drawing classes! (it’s basically just me twiddling my thumbs putting some stuff up that aren’t important enough to put elsewhere)

ask-a-dayz-survivor asked: hey, i like your dayz environmental painting, could i ask you for a few pointers on how to do the grass or if you have time skype me?

thanks! i had a grass texture on 20% overlay, and then painted over it with this brush:

hope that helps!


environments practice… baby steps, baby steps!

aaaa i got tickets to the welcome to night vale show in stockholm this fall *__*

«Tell me what you want. I’ll do anything I can to give it to you.»

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theatomicpsychotic asked: *screaming intensifies* iN THE FLESH ART IS EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED ESPECIALLY THESE TWO CUTIES BLESS YOU!!! <3

aaaaaaa i’m happy you like it!! i had no idea i’d become so invested in the show when i started watching ;u;

cute undead people in love ;u;

i’m a partially deceased syndrome sufferer
and what i did in my untreated state was not my fault

cafeartist101 asked: 3,4, and 5

3. A game that holds a special place in your heart?

answered c:

4. Favorite video game character?

TOO MANY!! ok here’s a few: zevran (da:o), garrus (yes i know i’m obvious shh), malik (deus ex human revolution), lee+clementine+kenny (the walking dead game, i can’t choose between them), rochelle (L4D2) and most recently.. razum’dar (eso)

5. Least favorite video game character?

the serious white dude with a little stubble who’s the protagonist in waaaahahahay too many games


fenrirslittlesister asked: 3 and 10?

3. A game that holds a special place in your heart?

requiem - en mordgåta på 1600-talet (a murder mystery in the 17th century), a swedish point-and-click adventure game from 1997, that basically no one’s heard of. and there’s basically no info on the internet. but anyway, i LOVED it as a kid and i still loved it when i replayed it a few years back. even though it’s ridicuously difficult because of even more ridiculous game design.. but the puzzles are pretty clever and the atmosphere is amazing. very mysterious. so much love.

10. Hardest video game you’ve played?

games involving PvP, basically.. ahaha… i don’t consider myself “bad” at video games but i’ve played single player most of my life so if i play online or with friends who has played online games most of their lives… it’s gotta be co-op ( ̄▽ ̄);;


holotapes asked: 26 & 30 :)

26. Favorite gaming series?

the elder scrolls!! (close tie to fallout!!!!!!!!) (and on 3rd place dragon age probably)

30. Why do you game?

i don’t even know how to answer this… i can’t imagine a life without games.. i play games everyday.. i talk about games and play games with my friends.. i make games.. i’m making games my career.. my life is video games.. (´▽`ʃƪ) that doesn’t answer the question does it…… i guess because games as a medium lets the player take an active part in the experience, and you’re able to do such a huuuge variety of experiences. the possibilities are endless and i love that.