here’s how it is

since i got my own apartment the strain on my elbows have tripled and thus gotten a lot worse. i don’t start an art class until november or so, so until then i will do my best to refrain from drawing alltogether. but i have found that taking screenshots and making edits gives me creative satisfaction enough to keep me from being miserable and stay in bed and cry all day (also i can play da2 with only one hand) so you may see more of that from now on..

i’m new to this and not sure how much i can contribute with my graphics but it keeps me up and about at least and that means something so yea, there we have it, bleepbloop.

  1. reegar replied:
  2. annaturaldisaster said: Hope your elbow gets better soon. Meanwhile, let them rest!
  3. fugitivus said: oh my gosh i hope you feel better soon, so sorry to hear about your elbows!
  4. combination-nc said: I am so sorry about your elbows D: I hope they get way better for November. Health first!
  5. genginger said: Hugs! Take care of yourself — we’ll still be here after you’ve had a rest.
  6. drparisa said: hugs hugs HUGS i also adored your fenris edit as well <333333
  7. spicyshimmy said: i ADORED your fenris edit yesterday and i am SO EXCITED to see more edits from you…!
  8. grejor said: kiss!
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