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was a long time since i drew morrigan… needed to change that<3

i was gonna do like a modern redesign of morrigan’s outfit, but realized her actual one is super rad to begin with so i just worked with that instead.

a quick morrigan because i had time to kill before school

no reference no pressure, just relax and having fun.

so in shimmy’s fic i completely fell in love with anders and zevrans dynamic, i wanted to draw them together! cheking out nate’s someone’s nice booty.

drawn (super quick and sloppy) with left hand

it’s funny how i draw something with my left hand, get frustrated to the max and think fuck i’ll never draw with it again, and the next day i just sigh and pick up the pen again. what can you do, eh?

but i just finished origins and had to let out some feels! one day i’ll do a playthrough and romance someone else… one day…

why have i waited all my life to draw her, i wonder<3

i started on origins again the other day! realized i’ve never drawn these two *_*


my two favorite elves and forever otp<3

shimmy gives me all the zevris feelings and there’s just no end to themmm

too tired to draw today! everything becomes crap!! augh!!!
I almost managed a Zevran in snow and now I won’t so much as look at a pen until I’ve slept for at least a few hundred years.

It just started as a crappy sketch and then I spent too much time on it and that’s why it’s still pretty crappy although I pretend it isn’t.

I’m pretty sure I haven’t uploaded anything with Zevran before, but I believe he is in fact my favorite! I could so easily make this blog into [Insert smart title about drawing Zevran here]